Eric M. Conklin

United States Senate Illinois

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What is this all about?

It is the responsibility of each United States Senator to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Adherence to our Constitution and the principles upon which it was founded are paramount. 

A United State Senator must never compromise any of the principles written in our Constitution, nor compromise their own principals and the promises they make to us as American citizens.  Every elected official must be held accountable to the citizens of Illinois, the citizens of the United States of America and to God. 

As a principled Conservative, I will present this vision to the American people and it is my personal conviction to ensure that this vision becomes a reality if I were to be chosen as the next United States Senator of Illinois.

  • Military Veteran, U.S. Navy ET1 (SS)
  • Law Enforcement Officer, 11 + Years Experience
  • Strong advocate for victims of mental illness and their family members
  • 2nd Amendment Rights, No to gun control laws or taxes on guns/ammo​
  • Illinois - Businesses and citizens are leaving our state every year.  No budget has been passed and the pension issues persist.   Time to replace our legislators in Illinois with competent leadership